Kabhi Kabhi appearing on every Monday in Sandesh, brings somethings new, factual and daring reporting on some unusual event of life. This column running since 25 years, has many unique imprinting over the mass of readers of high understanding and common sense. At many occasions, High Court or top Social institution has voluntarily come out to investigate in the case of victimized and helpless one reported in this column. It has now become a place for the unheard to get justice and solace. This column has been instrumental in mass communication of sensitive social events, otherwise not heard or cared about.

‘Chini Cum’ is a popular column regularly appearing in ‘SANDESH’. ‘Chini Cum’ is light and satirical column. Basically ‘Chini Cum’ is a voice of a newspaper-SANDESH. It is written by Devendra Patel in a lucid and satirical language. Chini cum covers National, International and local events and issues. In this column writer expresses the voice and feelings of the common man. It critisises from people in power on issues. It also appreciates the good work done by public servants of merits. ‘Chini Cum’ enjoys the highest readership.


‘Red Rose’ is a regular column appearing in ‘SANDESH’ every Sunday. This column contains the news and analysis of National and International events. It also speaks about various personalities and celebrities of the world. It also brings out the hidden stories about different events of the world. Subjects in ‘Red Rose’ are always new. Science, Politics, War, Films, nature and under current of national and International events are the main subjects of this column. ‘Red Rose’ is full of Information, so generally it is being read by intelligent Readers, but the language is simple so even a common reader also enjoys it.


‘Kutchh ni Khusbu’ is a special column written by Devendra Patel, which appears regularly in SANDESH every Sunday  Kutchh is a beautiful district of Gujarat. Kutchh has its own history and own heritage. Culture of Kutchh is different than other parts of Gujarat. Kutchh is a border district and people has faced many natural calamities. But the people of Kutchh are brave. Kutchh has given many legendary character like Jesal Toral, Hothal Padmini and ‘lakho Fulani.’ This column gives the vivid picture of kutchh. The history of kutchh is interesting.